Friday, December 15, 2006

Two Tickets to Paradise

The title for this post just seemed appropriate, because Michael on The Office made a reference to that song last night. Anyway, basically I was just going to post a couple of YouTube links that I like, and they're not really related, so that came to mind.

The first one I happened across, and it was the best thing since the first time I saw Napolean Dynamite dancing! That's about all I can say about it, check it out: Here It Goes Again. I almost have the feeling everyone has seen this already... if so, people need to keep me in the loop! :)

The second video is Evanescence on David Letterman. I just happened to catch it last night, and I was captivated. It reminded me of seeing Cirque du Soleil the first time. Amy Lee's voice is awesome. I had heard their stuff before, quite a bit of it is popular, but I had never paid much attention to it. So here's the song, pretty cool. Oh, her voice reminds me of Sarah McLachlan at times.

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Noel & Celeste said...

That treadmill video is AWESOME! What a kickin' awesome Spring Sing routine that would make! Who's doing Spring Sing this year for Alpha?! They should do that awesome stuff! Man... awesome.

And Amy Lee's voice is really cool. I didn't have the "Cirque" experience... but I understand the moment.