Sunday, November 19, 2006

Church potluck

Working on the weekend is kind of like a church potluck when we were kids. As I came into work this afternoon, this thought finally registered. I had the thought before, it just stayed more on the subconscious level.

It's not so much the dinner portion of the potluck, but getting to run around the empty church building afterwards. All the rooms have the lights off. Everything is very quiet. Doors are locked that are usually open. In general it is just a ghost town type feeling. It's fun though. Makes me want to use the women's restroom just for the heck of it (of course I wouldn't do that here because there are a few people actually working), or be really loud and sing in the hallways. Or go fly paper airplanes off the balcony. Dang, I don't know of any balconies here.


Jason & Nicole said...

It reminds me of the stories of that old building in Kansas City. Was it Union Station?


Jason said...

Yep, Union Station. It's all been redone and stuff now, Museum style! Check out this picture.