Monday, January 15, 2007

Stockholm syndrome

WARNING: Partial spoilers for season 3 of Lost below! (not much really)

I was watching Hannity and Colmes tonight on Fox News channel, not a normal event for me by any means, but I really enjoyed it. They were discussing the Missouri kidnapping of two boys that were found, and one of the psychologists that was a guest brought up the Stockholm syndrome. This is where an abducted person shows loyalty to their abducter, or begins to think of them as the good guy. They basically decide to join "their side" because it's the only option they feel they have. The first thing it reminded me of was how Noel used to say he wanted to join the monsters in his room at night. It seems like he wanted Dracula to bite him, so he could be a vampire too (correct me if I'm wrong).

It also kind of reminds me of Lost. I think this is what the "others" are trying to accomplish with the survivors. They cage them up and use physical violence against them, but at the same time try to convince them to just do as they're told and everything will be hunky dory.

I think some people experience this with God. Sometimes when I hear people talk about how great and wonderful etc. God is, it seems like they are not talking about something great and wonderful, but instead something they are terrified of. I guess I perceive that partly because I have had those feelings before, and can be inclined to still if I don't pay attention. To me, it is silly to be that way with God though, because you can't fool Him about what is in your heart. So I try to avoid that mentality, escpecially spiritually. I guess the point of the psychological effect though is that it can become engrained in your psyche so that it is not something you are faking, but something you have really come to accept. Oh... so people might be worshipping a God they originally perceived as terrifying, but eventually they came to accept Him as good. :) It's an interesting effect to me, I'll probably lay awake tonight thinking about it... but at least I won't be worried about monsters.


Noel & Celeste said...

Good post.

Yes... I used to say that about vampires. I always thought it seemed much better to become a monster and roam around the country scaring other people (with no school) than be scared myself.

I think there are some people that are certainly like that with God! But that's not all bad I don't think. God Himself says that some of the things He does in the Bible (mostly Old Testament) is so that they will "fear Him" and know He is the Lord.

I think that more people do this with the devil though. Or if not more, the same amount. They end up doing the sinful things they want to do simply because they feel like it takes the "power" away from the devil. It keeps them from being tempted because they are in control.

Sort of like Bob from "What about Bob" and turrets syndrome... blurting out things on purpose so he wouldn't ever succumb to doing it against his will.

Yep... good things to think on! Let's be sure we do everything because of LOVE (God's love for sure) and not because of fear any longer... because we know now God tells us there is no fear.

Jason & Nicole said...

Glad to see you post, Jason.

What it first reminded me of was _12 Monkeys_. The psychologist eventually joined the side of her patient who had abducted her. She ended up believing he was "right" about the end of the world and stuff.

The stuff you said about God and fear/control reminded me of a movie I saw twice last month, _What the ├čleep Do We Know?_. Have you seen it? It's a mix of documentary, quantum physics theory, and mysticism. They have some really cool stuff in it, but I didn't believe several things they said.