Wednesday, June 28, 2006

703 !

Well, I finally bowled a 700 series again tonight for 3 games (703 to be exact). We bowl four games on Wednesday, but to get awarded for a 700 series it has to be your first 3 games. Or it could be your second 3 if you bowled 6 games, but it can't be like games 2, 3, & 4. It's kind of a weird rule, but you can see it for yourself at this link on (rule 51b.1.a.). My fourth game tonight did not work out that hot, I left 3 splits which I missed, and chopped off one other spare I should have made, so ended with 154. You can see all my games I've bowled this year here, it's pretty cool to have standings online. I think this is only my 5th sanctioned 700, and the first since the bowling alley in Greenville opened. I really feel I should bowl them more often than that, but oh well. Like Andy Varipapa once said, if you've been bowling 20 years and still aren't very good, give it another 20 and you're bound to improve (or something like that).

Of course the funny thing about it being tonight is just last week I was commenting how I couldn't believe I still hadn't bowled 700 in this "house" (what we bowlers call a bowling alley).

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