Thursday, August 03, 2006

I'm in the mood...

... to be silly. So, here's some interesting facts I am about to make up:

- The average American household uses enough plastic Wal-Mart sacks each year to go to the Moon and back 18 times. (With the help of a space shuttle)
- Cars were not really invented until 1997. All the cars you remember before that are the work of a memory implant by the government... part of their plan to confuse us on the usefulness of hemp.
- Speaking of cars, the next time yours breaks down try flying to work... on your PC monitor! Most monitors today support being used like the flying skateboards from "Back to the Future".
- "Fruit Loops" cereal is not made of 100% fruit. Check the ingredients, they add sugar!
- Air conditioners don't really work. They are just machines that make some noise, the cooling effect is purely psychological.
- You knew Barnes and Noble was a book store, but did you know this... today's Barnes and Noble carries more books in stock than Spencer's Gifts.

Ok, now I'm tired of this. Talk to you all later.


Noel & Celeste said...

These were awesome!!

I didn't know that about the PC monitors... but shore nuff. Here's a picture that proves it. (sort of)

Jason & Nicole said...

You could publish a book of those interesting facts and have advertisements where you only give away a "teaser" of what's in the book. That would probably take advantage of a lot of people like me.

The truth about air conditioners has actually almost occurred to me about 20 or so times in my life. Of course, that might be the government implant making me think that.