Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Garage Door

For some reason, my garage door seems to have a vendetta with me lately. Saturday Christina and I went IHOP. When we got home I opened the garage door from the street, checked the mail, and then after I parked I forgot I already opened the garage door and hit the button again. I saw it closing and laughed and hit the opener to stop it, so it was only slightly closed. Then as I was walking in, I guess I was paying too much attention to my leftover sausage and pancakes, because I rammed my head on the garage door. Christina of course thought I was kidding, as my sausage came flying out of the styrofoam container, and I was standing there holding my head. After laughing for a few seconds, she realized it really hurt. And of course I couldn't help but almost laugh too, don't you hate it when you hurt yourself and you almost have to laugh? Anyway, this is the cut I got on my head from that (taken tonight, you'll understand all the junk on my head in a minute):

So then tonight I was about to go to Wal-Mart for some groceries, and I get in the car and shut the garage, and it comes down about half way, stops, and goes back up. I try again, and I notice this cable on the sides of the garage apparently stopping the door somehow. I get out to look at it, and this cable connects to the bottom of the door to help raise and lower it (I didn't know much about how it worked). The cable was off the spool and all tangled up. I tried winding it up properly, but couldn't get it all the way. Then I figured out to just take the wire off the bottom of the door (it just had a loop around a bolt thing), and I was able to wind it up. Off course the door is quite heavy, and half the time I was holding it up and all kinds of craziness. At least twice I was seriously doubting whether I could get the door shut again tonight. Some of the rollers on the door came off the track a few times too, which made things worse. I was really hoping the whole door didn't fall on me. So after unhooking both cables, re-wrapping them, and connecting them I tested the door. It closed successfully, it opened successfully, I was excited. I tried it again. The cable popped off the spool again and locked up. I tried rewinding it all again, and when I tested it that time more rollers came off and things seemed to be getting worse. Here are some pics of the cable that gets tangled up, and one of the bottom rollers that also came off:

Well, after messing with it for an hour and a half, I was worn out and filthy, and it was 10:30. I decided to put off Wal-Mart till tomorrow. I got the door shut again, but it's not working now. This is me after messing with it, I think the pic conveys the mood well:


Noel & Celeste said...

Man... I'm so glad we don't have a garage door. If we ever do have, I think I'm going to make it out of that foaming liquid stuff that's biodegradable. That way we can just "wash" the door open, and then watch it "grow" shut.

Of course other people could use a bucket of water to get into our house... but seriously, who's going to think THAT is possible. I mean I bet I could paint a picture of the Wicket Witch of the West on the side of our house and no one would get the clue.

Seriously, that was a funny / sad story. I'm glad you sweat like I do... i.e. a BUTT-TON-LOAD

Christina said...

Oh My..... We definitely need to get this fixed. Thanks for taking a hard stab at it. :-) How's the flying sausage?

Jason & Nicole said...

Good story. Quite a fight. I think you've got more spirit than that crazy garage. I did think the flying sausage was funny until I realized your pain.

I think people would be afraid of your house if you had the wicket witch painted on the side. You wouldn't have need for a garage door as long as you kept things dark.


Noel & Celeste said...

Dark and wicket!!

"Flying Sausage"... didn't William Shatner star in that one time on USA?