Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Perfect Example...

I'm a huge Dave Ramsey fan. Sometimes he likes to go on a rant about a given topic, and today he had a little "mini-rant" that is probably one of the best examples I could give of why I enjoy listening to him so much. A caller said he was trying to decide whether Dave or Robert Kiyosaki should be his financial guru to follow. Dave has talked about Robert before, and like always he said he has a lot of respect for him, he loves the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", and that Robert has different opinions about debt than Dave does. Then he got to the real "answer" about who should be the guru. I thought the response was so good I decided to transcript it and share it with everyone, enjoy :)

I don't think either one of us qualify to be your guru. I don't think you ought to look for a guru to follow. I think you need to make some decisions yourself, and you need to gather information, and you need to be a reader, and you need to intellectually feed your mind, and you need to go out and experience some of these things and do them. Don't look for a guru to follow, you need to be your own guru. Grow your brain, and do that. I don't look for a... I don't have a guru. There's not anybody walking on this planet right now that I believe everything they say about everything. I'm not cynical, I'm just cynical... 'cause they're humans. The only guru I've ever found worth following is Jesus. And I can believe everything He says, but He... you know, other than His Spirit walkin' around here, I don't get to talk to Him on a daily basis, in person. And so, in that sense, I don't... I'm not looking for a pastor to be my daddy, and I'm not looking for my group that I'm in to have all the answers and all that. I mean, you know that's the kind of stuff that sets you up for toxic disappointment. So, I don't really wanna be your guru. I don't wanna be anybody's guru. I don't mind being your teacher, and then you take the information and learn from it. And that's the direction I would go on that.

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Jason & Nicole said...

Great post and transcript, Jason. Definitely gold material.

It's funny that most people probably think they don't have a guru, they think for themselves. At least that's what I think about myself. :-)